Helping Networks of People Achieve

Mission Statement

Vloggity’s mission is to revolutionize professional networking by providing a video-centric platform that empowers people to brand themselves and capture and share their thoughts, ideas, and solutions. Our unique approach allows users to showcase skills, instincts, leadership, and personality traits, helping them stand out from the competition. We’re not just another networking platform – we’re a community focused on achievement, problem-solving, and forming life-changing relationships. Our goal is to create a real, alive, and evolving space where professionals can come together to find and network with the highest achievers.


Value Stance

At Vloggity, we understand that burnout and loneliness are real challenges faced by students, job seekers, professionals, content creators, and entrepreneurs. Traditional professional networking websites have failed to provide meaningful opportunities for achievement, leaving many frustrated and disengaged. That’s why we created Vloggity: a platform designed to facilitate life-changing networking and self-branding opportunities that help individuals create their own path to success. By leveraging the power of video and fostering a dynamic, evolving community, we enable our users to build authentic relationships and achieve their goals in a way that feels fulfilling.


Network, don't just Connect.
Tune In, don't just Follow.

*Vloggity is for Professionals only (you cannot register with a .edu email). If you are a Student or Educator using a .edu address, please visit for registration.

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